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Schedule of Upcoming Events              Rev. 2/24/2018  YAY, Finally Updated
Date (2018)

This is how we are hoping the schedule turns out this year...

Obviously, this is a much lighter schedule than "normal", I have had to cut back due to health reasons...

The way things look now, the 2019 season will be my last and I will not be restocking from now on...

So, if there is something of mine that you want or need you should probably get it while you have the chance!

 March  9, 10, 11
 Sonora Celtic Faire
 Sonora, CA

 April 7, 8  Feather Falls Renaissance Faire  Oroville, CA

 May 12, 13 Golden Coast Adventure Faire  Roseville, CA
June  2/3  &  9/10
 Valhalla Renaissance Faire

(Pending Acceptance)
 South Lake Tahoe, CA

August 4/5, 11/12, 18/19 Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire Bonney Lake, WA

September 1, 2 Pleasanton Scottish Games Pleasanton, CA
September 23,24 Folsom Faire (Pending Acceptance)
 Folsom, CA

 Kearney Park Ren Faire (????)
 Fresno, CA
 Cancelled Faires  or  Conflicting Dates... 

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